PF Return Filing

A social security system known as the Provident Fund was established to encourage employees to save and to benefit them during retirement. Both the company and the employee make contributions to the PF on a monthly basis. The PF contribution paid by the employee can only be withdrawn by the employee during his or her employment, with a few exceptions.

Employers who are PF registered are required to complete PF returns on a monthly basis. Each month’s PF return filings must be completed by the 25th. We’ll go over the various forms for submitting PF returns in detail below. Employers can use the Unified site to conveniently file their PF return.

2nd Form

Under the Flagship programme of the Employment Provident Fund and the Employment Family Pension Scheme, Form 2 is filed as a declaration and nomination. Employees who are new to the company must fill out Form 2. This form must be filed in conjunction with Form 5. Form 2 is split into two halves.

Part A

Part A of Form 2 is for naming the beneficiaries of the account holder’s EPF balance in the case of his or her death. The following information must be included in this section of the form:

  • Name and address of the subscriber Relationship with the subscriber Age Amount to be paid to the nominee
  • Details from the Guardian ( In case the nominee is a minor)
  • At the end of the section, this part must be signed or a thumb impression must be produced.
Part B

Part B should include the nominee’s information, which were already given in Part A. The information of the members who are qualified for the children’s/pension widow’s must also be provided.

This part must also be signed properly, or a thumb impression must be produced at the conclusion.

Form 5

Form 5 is a monthly report that provides information on newly registered workers in the provident fund programme. The following information must be included on Form 5:

  • Name of the Organization
  • The Organization’s Address
  • Employee’s account number and the organization’s code
  • Middle Name (Husband/Father) of the employee
  • Employee’s date of birth and date of hire
  • Work history is important.
  • The employer must submit and stamp the paperwork, which must include the date of filing.
Form 10

It is a monthly report that contains information on employees who have left the plan in the previous month. The following information is included on Form 10.

  • Employee’s name and account number
  • Father’s or husband’s surname
  • Date of separation from the military
  • The reason for leaving the military.
  • The employer must file Form 10 and stamp it with the date it was filed.
12A : Tax Form

This Form 12 A is a report that details the payments made to the relevant employee’s account in a given month.

The employer must submit and stamp the paperwork, which must include the date of filing.

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