Singapore Incorporation

Quick & painless incorporation in Singapore

We'll get your company registered, set up the annual reporting, & help open a back account online- no need to go anywhere

1. One stop for all requirements

We prepare everything the government requires: company constitution, local address, a Nominee director, and a Corporate Secretary

2. Zero paperwork on your end

We collect your documents in a chat, fill out the application, and send for you to e-sign

3. No need to go anywhere

We do everything remotely and online: KYC, company registration, and introduction to digital banks

4. Help with bank account opening

We partner with neobanks that open accounts online, and traditional ones that require your visit

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Here’s what you need to open a company. We’ll take care of it all.

1. Fulfill the official requirements

We help you with all the things that Singapore government requires from the founders:

2. Get your company registered

Foreigners need a certified agency to file for incorporation. We collect all documents online, put them together, and send you the application to sign electronically.

3. Open an account

We partner with Singapore banks and neobanks that can open an account for you remotely online. We present you, but we can’t guarantee you’ll get an account. The decision is always up to banks.

4. Set up the accounting routine

You need to submit several tax reports a year. Our Chartered accountant will organise your docs, prepare reports, and file them neatly. We also proactively advise on exemptions so you pay taxes smartly.

5. Get an Employment Pass if you want to move to Singapore

A permit that allows you to work, live and bring your family to Singapore. Only a Singapore company can apply for an EP. It has to be a real operational business. We can register a company for you, set up the reporting, and apply for EP.