Temporary GST Registration

Anyone who is registered for GST or who is obliged to register for GST is a taxable person. The GST Act specifies a number of requirements, such as turnover, business activity, and transaction, that must be met by anybody who is required to register for GST. Furthermore, any person who has a Service Tax, VAT, or Central Excise registration on the day of GST implementation would be deemed a taxable person under GST.

In the context of GST registration, who is a casual taxable person?

GST gives unique consideration to casual taxable people or taxpayers who only pay taxes once in a while.

A casual taxable person is defined under the Goods and Service Tax Act as someone who engages in transactions involving the provision of goods, services, or both on a regular basis.

Individuals operating temporary companies at fairs or exhibits, as well as seasonal firms, will need to register as casual taxable persons.

Regardless of yearly revenue, casual taxable person GST registration is required, and the procedure must begin at least five days prior to the business activity. For casual taxable people, a GST registration application can be submitted.

Documents that the applicant is needed to provide

What documentation does the casual taxpayer need to submit?
  1. Copy of PAN scanned (Indian National)
  2. Passport scanned copy (for Foreign Nationals and NRIs)
  3. a scanned copy of the voter’s identification card, passport, or driver’s licence
  4. Passport-sized photograph that has been scanned.
  5. Phone Number
  6. Email

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