Trade License Registration

Registration for a Business License

A trade licence is a document or certificate that permits an applicant to start a certain trade or company in a given area or place. The trade licence holder is prohibited from using it for any other work or business. To begin doing business in a certain region or location, a state, corporation, or municipality will need to get a trade licence from the concerned central or state government. To acquire registration, the applicant must first be aware of the jurisdiction in which the company is conducted and the appropriate Act.

The application for trade registration must be submitted within 30 days after beginning a business. Upon submission of the application, a trade licence is generally given within 7-15 days. In most states, the application for granting or renewing a licence will be made to the commissioner of the company.

Eligibility for a trade license
  1. The candidate must be over the age of eighteen.
  2. There should be no criminal history on the candidate.
  3. Legally, the sort of business must be permitted.
Documents necessary for the registration of a trade licence


To apply for a trade licence, the applicant must fill out an application and submit the papers listed below to the appropriate municipal authorities.

  1. If the applicant is a firm, LLP, or business, they must submit a PAN card as well as a proof of formation.
  2. In the event of an individual application, Aadhar is required.
  3. Receipt for the most recent payment of municipal property taxes
  4. The property owner’s consent letters or lease paperwork are required.
  5. A nod of approval from a close neighbour
  6. A verified layout plan of your trade facility that depicts the company’s operations.
  7. Extracts from Katha
  8. Sanction Strategy for Katha Certificates
  9. Certificate of Occupancy

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